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From the Press Room

Lobby Update



Hello Staff and Members of La Porte Community Federal Credit Union

As we slowly start moving into the next phase of the re-opening process, I felt it was important to update all on what the “new normal” will be for a while. As always, the safety of employees and members are our upmost priority. On May 26th, we will re-open the lobbies of our Main Office, Jefferson Office, and also the Michigan City Office.  We will strongly encourage members to still use the drive-thru and ATM when possible. We also are strongly encouraging members to make appointments with the person you are needing to meet with as we will not be able to allow members to wait in the lobbies. If the employee you are needing to meet with is assisting someone else, we will have to have you wait in your car and we will call you when the employee becomes available.

Our lobbies will look different as we slowly start welcoming members back. We have installed sneeze guards at each teller window. We will have hand sanitizer available for members and staff. We encourage members to wear their mask inside the Credit Union, but at this time we are not requiring you to do so. If an employee chooses to wear a mask, we will have them available for each employee. Employees will be required to wipe down the teller station after every transaction causing indoor transactions to take a little more time. We respectively ask all members to please follow the 6 foot rule and to assist with that we will have markings on the floor.

Employees will have their temperature taken upon arrival to work. If an employee has a temperature above 99.6, we will not allow that employee to come to work until the temperature is normal for 48 hours.

Together, it’s my belief that we can safely re-open the lobbies of that Credit Union and prepare for the new normal. If any employee or member still has concerns about this, we strongly suggest you to speak with our CEO, Robbie Masterson.

We have missed all of our members and we understand that this has been difficult on many, so please bear with us as we adjust to what this new normal will look like. We together can make a difference and keep each other safe.

Stay Safe,

Robbie Masterson





Importance of Giving Back

What’s the first thing you want to do when you receive incredible news? You reach out to someone who’s important to you to share. What do you do when something terrible happens? Hopefully, you reach out to a loved one for support.

We rely on people around us for emotional support, be it for good or bad times. As much as this need for connection is ingrained in us, it also goes the other way.

As human beings, we have the innate need to contribute to those around us. Whether it comes in the form of something small like being there for a friend in need or something massive like contributing financially to a worthwhile cause, we realize the importance of giving.

Money Donated
Time Donated
1000 Hours

Why is giving back to the community important?

The importance of giving to others can’t be understated and that’s because the secret to living is giving. If you really think about it, what is life all about? Creating meaning. How do you create meaning in your life? It’s not about what you do for yourself: It’s about how you’re able to better the lives of the people around you – your loved ones, the people in your community or the lives of people somewhere else in the world.


What Members Are Saying:

"I’ve been a member at La Porte Community Federal Credit Union for 50 years! The services I’ve used over the years include my Savings Account, Checking Account, Loans, my Credit Card, CDs, my IRA, and a Home Equity Loan. I love being a member of my Credit Union. My favorite thing about being a member at La Porte Community Federal Credit Union is the staff hands down. They treat me like family and always take the time to assist me with my financial obligations. Anytime I've had any problem arise I can always count on my Credit Union.  Always smiling, kind, and treating my family with respect... I would not go anywhere else!"

Member since 1972